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Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator type ET

Bucket elevator


  • The belt is tensioned by a system of counterweights which also allows the absorption of shocks due to sand loading.
  • The drum is made from heavy tube, with two thick end caps and turned shaft housings, coated with rhomboidal rubber applied by vulcanization, with surface indentations to increase belt adhesion.
  • The return drum is a squirrel cage design. The shafts are made of alloy steel, turned, mounted on self-aligning bearings with cast iron bearing housings.
  • The body of the lift head is made of electro-welded carbon steel; the upper part consists of a two-part horizontal body that allows easy access to the drive drum for maintenance. A connection to the dust collection system is provided.


Core features

  • The wide range of flow rates allows for both sand transport for sand regeneration and green sand transport.
  • The lift is made up of modular elements with a very robust structure of carbon steel plates reinforced with welded profiles.
  • Large bolted hatches allow easy access for inspection and maintenance.
  • A rotation detector warns of any drive failure and/or deceleration due to overload.


The bucket elevator type ET has been specially designed for green sand plants and foundries for the transport of return sand.

The range extends from a capacity of 5 tonnes/hour to 300 tonnes/hour and lifting heights up to 50 meters and more. Our lifts are designed for return sand at temperatures of up to 120°C. For special applications and by using special materials it is possible to support temperatures of up to 180°C.

Technical specs

The intermediate sections of the body are made of folded and reinforced steel sheets. Assembly is carried out by bolting the sections together.

The buckets are made of thick stainless steel with a leading edge reinforced with HARDOX type steel.

The gearmotor is of the helical helical gear type, lubricated in oil bath. It is coupled directly to the motor and is locked to the structure of the drive head by a reaction arm. On the opposite side of the motor is installed a non-return device, preventing the belt from moving in the opposite direction when stopped under load.

Tonnage per hour capacity of the different bucket elevator models :

Model   ET.315 ET.400 ET.500 ET.650 ET.800 ET.1000 ET.1200
Capacity T/h 30 60 75 115 150 200 300


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