Core making equipment

Everything your foundry needs for transporting, storing and metering sand, resins and additives

JML has a wide range of equipment for transporting, storing and metering sand, resins and additives, including the homogenisation and distribution of prepared sand to feed it to the forming plant or core shooters.  Select the category of core making equipment relevant to your needs from the list provided below.

Sand storage

We offer a range of both silos and hoppers for sand storage. These can be adapted to both your capacity and loading requirements. Within our storage range we also offer resin storage and resin dosage equipment. Click on the images or headers below to read about the solutions in more detail.

Core making machines

Click below to see our full range of core making equipment including electric, hybrid and classic core shooters. Our latest innovation, the E-shooter is Industry 4.0 compatible. Get in touch if you would like to discuss the benefits of each core making machine and the advantages to your operations.

Sand management

Our pneumatic conveyors are custom built to the layout and requirements of your foundry.

Core handling

Our core handling robots are developed by the JML Italy team and are supported by JML Automation.

Core preparation

Produce the highest quality cores with our preparation equipment range including preparation plants and drying ovens.

Curing equipment

Click on the images or titles below to see our curing equipment in detail.