Why work with JML Industrie?

For the past 40 years we have been helping foundries improve both the quality of their castings and their productivity. Our areas of expertise are green sand preparation, core making equipment, vibrating machinery and environmental solutions.

JML Industrie provides an end-to-end service so no more frustrations working with automation subcontractors. We design and develop our equipment leveraging the experience of our different competency centres. Our equipment is manufactured in France and robotics support is provided by JML Automation which is located on the same site. Finally, we offer support via our maintenance and repair services.

A proven track record

Everyone says this but we can prove it. You can review our foundry testimonials or our client projects.
Our team are highly experienced and have been working in the foundry industry for more years than they would care to admit.

Expert teams

JML Industrie specialises in a number of key areas; sand preparation, core centres and moulding lines and vibrating technologies. This is why we have developed key competency centres across Europe.

Our teams focus on one specific aspect of foundry equipment making them specialists in that specific area.

Accelerate your growth

Grow alongside JML Industrie. We've expanded our work areas
opened JML Italy and acquired SPACE who are experts in sand cooling and preparation equipment for green sand.
Our expansion increases the equipment range available from one manufacturer allowing us to forge deeper relationships and optimise your foundry for growth. Not only is our latest equipment is Industry 4.0 compatible, we also plan to lead the way when it comes to greener machinery as this helps foundries achieve better results and secure their future.

A real partnership

Our goal is to help your foundry stay ahead of the competition in your specialist industry for years to come. This is why we work with you to find the best solution for your company.

Our approach is successful thanks to the rigorous application of the above points. We understand your business, we have equipment that is adapted to your needs and we have high retention which means our expertise improves year-on-year.

Industrial foundry equipment manufacturer and casting solutions provider

We help ferrous and non-ferrous foundries optimise their capacity, productivity and product quality. JML Industrie designs, manufactures and installs new equipment as well as working with you to update existing equipment.

Our proven methodology

Our CORE methodology is the foundation of our success. It ensures the best possible results for your foundry and guarantees you are presented with viable options to help improve your operations and output.


We get to know you, your team, your process challenges and the layout of your foundry. These first meetings will include:

  1. A feasibility study
  2. Initial costings
  3. Clarification of initial requirements
  4. Castings review


We set the project objectives and timeline. As you’ve made the decision to invest in new equipment for your foundry, you will have specific goals you want to achieve. We ensure that we understand these so that the solution recommended to you is the right one. This part of the project will include:

  1. Complete 3D conceptions of the equipment
  2. Detailed engineering review
  3. Comprehensive project plan including key milestones and dependencies


This is the executory part of the project. The timeline is dependent on your operational constraints and we will always work to reduce downtime in the foundry. This will include:

  1. A dedicated project manager
  2. Quality control team
  3. Installation and testing unit


Once the equipment is installed we will remain in close contact to ensure that the machinery is working to its optimum capacity and that we are on hand to provide support to your team using the foundry equipment. This includes:

  1. Training of your teams
  2. Maintenance plans and support
  3. After sales support from our offices

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