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Our industrial equipment reconditioning service is aimed at foundries and sandblasting plants. However, thanks to our vast experience, we are able to extend our service to other areas of activity.

Another advantage of working with JML Industrie is that, before any refurbishment, we carry out a complete technical audit of the foundry equipment. This can be carried out either in our workshops or at your premises, depending on the size and type of equipment.

We are one of the few companies capable of repairing and improving vibrating machines.

For example, for your shake-out grid, we will work with you to better understand your needs, the current quality of your parts, and we will adapt your grid to improve its performance based on our analysis.


  • One of the sole organisations able to repair vibrating machinery
  • Cost savings compared to investment in new material
  • Improve the performance of your existing foundry equipment
  • Extend the lifespan of your machinery
  • Dedicated support team for your questions
  • Assurance that the revisions are done to the highest standard

Restoration and repair examples

This is not an exhaustive list of the types of foundry equipment we are able to repair. However, some examples of the machinery we restore on a regular basis are:

  • All JML Industrie equipment and solutions
  • Dedusting equipment
  • Exciter cells, connecting crank rods, cells, unbalanced motors for vibrating machinery of all brands and manufacturers
  • GSM SPACE online laboratory
  • KLEIN sand casting mixers

How we work

1. Consultation

JML Industrie, under the lead of Nathalie Pageot, will help you assess your equipment needs. The renovation team includes a full technical team, a design & development office, and our expert fitters.

2. Technical audit

Our aim with the technical audit is to find the fastest and most cost-effective approach for the repair. Our experience working in this industry for many years means we are able to thoroughly assess the equipment and find solutions other providers cannot. We can often suggest modifications or improvements which will help simply maintenance activity or reduce intervention costs.

3. Repair

The total project time depends on both the complexity of the request and the time frames for the delivery of the parts. However, due to the large volume of replacement parts available on-site, we are often able to respond to requests more quickly than other providers.

4. Delivery

Your order is tracked so you will always be updated with its progress and we are available to answer any questions you might have.