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At JML, we understand how crucial homogeneous and efficient preparation of molding sand is to a foundry’s success. It’s the foundation on which the quality, consistency and efficiency of the entire foundry process rests. Investing in technological solutions is not just a strategic choice, but an imperative that positively impacts end-product quality, operational profitability, and the overall sustainability of your business.

We are proud to highlight two of our flagship pieces of equipment that promise to optimize your foundry processes.

Perfect balance with the JML mixer

Much more than just an intensive sand mixer, our rotative pan mixer combines rotary motion with a turbine and mixing blades. This machine ensures rapid, homogeneous preparation of the molding sand, guaranteeing efficient distribution and amalgamation of additives, perfect clots breaking and optimal sand wetting.

The side scraper blade continuously conveys the material towards the center, eliminating dead spaces and keeping the side wall of the pan perfectly clean. Two lower scrapers clean the bottom of the pan, ensuring a smooth mixing process. The dry mixing cycle is followed by a wet mixing cycle, guaranteeing consistent quality of the pre