Green Sand, Sand preparation

High intensity mixer


High intensity mixer


  • Time reduction of mixing cycle
  • Consistent stabilization of prepared product parameters
  • Improvement in environmental conditions
  • Reduction in maintenance costs


Core features

  • available from 18 to 150 T/h.


The mixer SPACE VR is specially designed for the preparation of different types of compounds in the foundry industry, glassworks, refractory materials, ceramics etc.

This machine is a rotating pan intensive mixer that, thanks to the combined movement with that of the mixing tools, it allows a homogeneous and rapid preparation of the mixtures, ensuring effective distribution and amalgamation of the additives, a good disintegration of the lumps and excellent humidification. Into the pan, the sidewall scraper continuously conveys the material from the periphery to the centre, keeping the sidewall of the pan perfectly clean.

The bottom of the pan is cleaned by scrapers placed on the mixing tools.

After the preparation cycle, it is commanded to open the discharge door, positioned at the centre of the pan, and the material falls by gravity into the hopper under the mixer.


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