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Casting cooler tunnel


Casting cooler tunnel


  • Casting cooling solution customised to your foundry layout and thermodynamic data

Core features

  • High performance cooling using our Airspeed ® technology
  • Trough material construction from steel or Hardox
  • Flexible hood and tough positioning


With your data we make a thermodynamic calculation to find out the dimensions of your casting cooler. The optimized airstream “Airspeed” brings the best cooling results.

It is therefore necessary to know the dimensions and workflow of your foundry. This information allows us to calculate the best dimensions for your cooler and put the machine in your drawing. We take the cooling air from the cooling house of the moulding line. In addition to the casting cooler new air pipes and fan sometimes cyclon and additional filter capacity are necessary.

The trough of the machine can be adapted to your requirements. This can either be constructed from Hardox 400, made from mild steel with wear plates. The casting cooler is designed to function at high temperatures. Both the trough and hood can have flexible positions. This means they can sit against each other for some additional mm and will not be damaged by high temperature.

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Technical specs

Standard Dimensions

  • Max length 35,000 mm
  • Two machines needed for 35,000mm +
  • Variable widths including 1,400 mm, 1,600 mm, 1,800 mm, 2,000 mm, 2,200 mm, 2,400 mm, 2,600 mm

Vibration data

500 rpm with 8 mm Amplitude. Different speed adjustable.

Electric Power

11 kW – 22 kW

Data needed to build an accurate project proposition

  • Moulds per hour
  • Length of casting
  • Width of casting
  • Type of casting
  • Max. weight of all castings in the mould
  • Module (relationship of surface to weight)
  • Temperature of castings after output moulding line
  • Cooling time in moulding line
  • Needed outlet temperature after casting cooler
  • Max. material in casting

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