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Belt conveyor

TN Belt conveyors

Belt conveyor


  • Belt tensioning system with large diameter screw for adjustment
  • Belt cleaning scraper, equipped with carbide tungsten blades,
  • Upper and lower rollers designed for heavy loads and waterproof, are permanently lubricated

Core features

  • Main structure made of modular elements in solid wall, made of profiled sheet
  • Gearmotor with oil bath lubrication. It is directly coupled to the drive shaft and is linked to the structure by means of the torque arm
  • Mesh and solid guards at all dangerous points according to the most demanding safety standards.
  • Equipped with rotation controller and safety cable


TN belt conveyors are designed exclusively for transport of moulding sand and core sand. Robust modular construction and easy maintenance are the essential characteristics of this equipment.

The design and production of these conveyors is the result of very many years of experience acquired as a supplier foundry equipment. These conveyors are designed for use in foundry conditions and only with components from first-rate trade.

The drive and return drums, is manufactured from heavy section steel tube, very thick flanges with welded central hub, and bearing housing machined. Belt tension is improved by coating the drive drum with anti-wear rubber which is applied by vulcanization. Should you wish to improve the adhesion of the belt we are able to replace the anti-wear rubber coating with a ceramic one.


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Technical specs

Model   TN.500 TN.650 TN.800 TN.1000 TN.1200
Capacity T/h 60 96 180 260 330

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