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Disposal of Waste Foundry Sand (WFS) remains to be one of the significant challenges faced by the foundry industry nowadays. Because they are using large quantities of sand, foundries implementing sand-based molding and core-making processes should consider its recycling as a strategic industrial issue. The distances and transportation costs to landfills are increasing for foundry companies, which is why alternatives to the environmentally friendly treatment of this waste became a key issue for foundries. Approximately 100 million tons of waste foundry sands (WFS) are generated annually worldwide by the foundry industry and around 70% of recycling sand cans could be use as new sand (source: Climaxion). This recycling approach is even more important as foundries deal with an increasing demand of this natural resource while volumes extracted from deposits are continuously reduced. Reclamation of waste foundry sand can be done 2 ways namely, mechanical, and thermal reclamation (as JML Industrie operates).

This treatment is particularly efficient for chemical sand as it allows us to recover up to 95% of the sand used within the foundry. In addition, thermal sand reclamation appears to be a great solution face to environmental issues: low energy consumption (gas) and limited pollutants discharges into the air.

Even if it could be considered as expansive and quite difficult to implement, a thermal reclamation plant should be considered as a long-term and suitable investment. Our team at JML Industrie, helps foundries, depending on their needs and market, to select the most appropriate equipment for their business.

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