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JML Industrie continues its development by internalizing the automation expertise !

Focusing on delivering one stop shop solutions to our clients, we are in a unique position to advise our customers on green sand preparation, core making, air treatment, sand reclamation, vibrating machinery and now automation.

Indeed, based in Metz (FRANCE), the automation division allows us to respond to the demands of our partners for the control and regulation of foundry equipment produced and commercialized by JML.

Automation supplements our multi-divisionnal organisation that works in synergy to ensure delivery of unmatched end-to-end services.

 ✔ Complementary design offices with a specialization for each.

✔ A multidisciplinary team bringing together experts in each field

✔ Teams to manufacture prototypes in our production floor and to implement automation

✅ Automation team regularly traveling the world to set up automated systems.

✔ A maintenance network deployed both in Europe and internationally installing industrial machines and offering repair and renovation services

With a 360° vision of its business, JML Industrie is mastering the entire process from designing a new machine to a complete renewal of foundry with the aim of optimizing productivity and production quality.