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JML is currently manufacturing a cooling drum at his headquater and main production site located in France, Vrigne-au-bois (Grand Est).

This equipment is built to shake-out and to cool the sand and will be used by a foundry based in the East of France which produces ductile iron with vertical molding line to optimize their road plate production

JML has already installed 6 of them in the last 2 decades

Around 6 months are necessary to deliver this equipment as we are now at step 1 (workshop test to ensure all mechanical parts are well assembled).

Then step 2 will focus on commissioning on customer site

  1. empty test in line with the sand shop
  2. test with cold sand during 3 days
  3. after 2 weeks of production, optimisation with hot sand

We will be proud to share the second step with you next time !

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