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In its ongoing commitment to innovation and foundry process improvement, JML Industrie has installed its latest green sand cooling system at a leading foundry in Brazil. Equipped with a moisture management and control system, the TVR model will significantly enhance our client’s production quality and demonstrates JML Industrie’s technical expertise and commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions.

Innovation at the Heart of the Process

The TVR model green sand cooler represents the pinnacle of JML Industrie’s technology. Designed to integrate after an existing MU type premixer, this advanced system utilizes a precise mechanism to dose and mix water with sand before entering the fluidized bed cooler. The key to its operation lies in the optimal transfer of calories needed for water evaporation, a critical process to achieve the desired sand quality.

The air flow, essential for evaporation, is meticulously managed through a longitudinal chamber beneath the fluidized bed, divided into several compartments equipped with adjustable butterfly valves. This ensures even air distribution and effective evaporation, while maintaining sand integrity through micro-perforated stainless steel sheet panels, thus ensuring increased longevity and system performance.

At the heart of the TVR cooler lies a sophisticated management system, designed to automatically adjust air and water volumes based on the specific characteristics of the sand, such as weight, temperature, and moisture. This ability to dynamically adapt ensures a consistent output sand quality, meeting the strictest standards required by our client.

Exceptional Results

The technical data speaks volumes. With a processing capacity of 120 tons per hour and an ambient temperature of 34°C, the system significantly reduces sand temperature from an input of 80-120°C to an output of 34-38°C, while achieving an optimal moisture level of 2.00% ± 0.15. These results attest to JML Industrie’s capability to tackle technical challenges and provide solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations.