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Final phase – Delivery and acceptance of equipment

A few months ago, we told you about our latest achievement: the installation of a cooling drum for one of our customers in eastern France. This installation incorporates two specific technology, with the use of a burner within the suction network, the use of a burner within the suction network, aiming to control the suction process and the implementation of our sand moisture management system in the cooling barrel, an essential element of the process molding.

Why is sand moisture a major issue in foundry operations?

The sand used for molding contain 3% of moisture. When this sand is drawn into the pipes of the suction system, particularly at the level of shake-out, dust loaded with clay associated with humid air can cause blockages and clogging. This reduces suction process efficiency, increases production downtime, and generates unnecessary maintenance costs.

Eliminate the moisture with a suction burner

To fix this issue, we integrate a burner into the suction network of our client’s sandshop. The main goal is to dry out the air in the suction lines, preventing moisture from disrupting the system’s operations. The burner operates by evaporating excess moisture from the intake air, allowing the dust to circulate more efficiently.

Our solution: an automated moisture management system inside the drum

We have also set up a device designed by our teams within the cooling drum to manage sand moisture. This system relies on an optimal temperature measurement at the drum inlet, depending on the volume of water initially used. At the outlet of the de-bottlenecking drum, moisture and temperature values are continuously monitored as the sand is transported on the conveyor belt. If necessary, additional water is added in real time to maintain the programmed moisture level.

The whole process is fully automated by our teams, which means it requires little maintenance, apart from a periodic check of the moisture sensor to ensure it is properly calibrated.

Quality and Economy: Optimize the molding process

Implementing a moisture management system as well as the installation of a burner in the dust suctions has many advantages for our client. It optimizes the efficiency of the suction process by reducing obstructions in the pipes, which translates into a significant reduction in production costs. In addition, automatic adjustment of sand moisture ensures consistent molding quality, improving the overall quality of products.

If you have any questions or require further information about our moisture management equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.