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Industrial robotics technology

“Industry 4.0” and in our market “Foundry 4.0” have been hot topics in manufacturing over the last few years. Indeed, traditional foundries constantly deal with the goal of efficiency, flexibility and work safety. This is why like any other industries; foundries must move towards newer technology to automate routine tasks. This technology combines existing data with machine learning to create optimized industrial processes. Robotic metal casting is one of this technology to help improve the challenging conditions of casting production. JML Industrie has always tried to stay at the forefront of foundry technology and innovation and offer robotics solutions that match your foundry requirements and your production specificities. Our user-friendly programming, provided by JML Automation, allows you to define the angle and the exact quantity you want to use. Indeed, thanks to the articulated arm, the casting ladle pours aluminum directly into molds without human interaction. The use of robots to perform repetitive and dangerous tasks has several benefits: 🟩   Increasing productivity 🟩    Improving employee safety 🟩    Reducing the risk of workplace injuries 🟩     Higher quality and stable production Thanks to our dedicated engineering team we set together the project objectives and timeline and once the equipment is installed, we always remain in close contact to ensure that the machinery is working to its optimum capacity. This metal casting robot completes a new lost foam casting line delivred to one of our client in France. JML Industrie brings innovation and experience to the design, manufacturing, and installation of each project.


JML Industrie continues its development by internalizing the automation expertise ! Focusing on delivering one stop shop solutions to our clients, we are in a unique position to advise our customers on green sand preparation, core making, air treatment, sand reclamation, vibrating machinery and now automation. Indeed, based in Metz (FRANCE), the automation division allows us to respond to the demands of our partners for the control and regulation of foundry equipment produced and commercialized by JML. Automation supplements our multi-divisionnal organisation that works in synergy to ensure delivery of unmatched end-to-end services.  ✔ Complementary design offices with a specialization for each. ✔ A multidisciplinary team bringing together experts in each field ✔ Teams to manufacture prototypes in our production floor and to implement automation ✅ Automation team regularly traveling the world to set up automated systems. ✔ A maintenance network deployed both in Europe and internationally installing industrial machines and offering repair and renovation services With a 360° vision of its business, JML Industrie is mastering the entire process from designing a new machine to a complete renewal of foundry with the aim of optimizing productivity and production quality.

In progress Operations

JML is currently manufacturing a cooling drum at his headquater and main production site located in France, Vrigne-au-bois (Grand Est). This equipment is built to shake-out and to cool the sand and will be used by a foundry based in the East of France which produces ductile iron with vertical molding line to optimize their road plate production JML has already installed 6 of them in the last 2 decades Around 6 months are necessary to deliver this equipment as we are now at step 1 (workshop test to ensure all mechanical parts are well assembled). Then step 2 will focus on commissioning on customer site empty test in line with the sand shop test with cold sand during 3 days after 2 weeks of production, optimisation with hot sand We will be proud to share the second step with you next time ! We help your foundry stay ahead by helping you optimise your operations through the right machinery that gives you better results, reduced maintenance and reliable run times.