Charging car


  • Can drive several furnaces
  • Plates optimised for wear reduction
  • Conical swinging construction to avoid entanglements

Core features

  • Volumen= 4 -15 t
  • Length = 4000mm – 6000 mm
  • Width = 1400 mm
  • Composition material: = Scrap + recycle material


The charging car size is always adapted to the configuration of the foundry and the melting furnaces.

Due to its mobility, this machine type can drive several furnaces. In addition, it can be equipped with various wear plates made of S 235 JRG 2, Hardox or other materials for wear reduction. The spout is made of heat resistant steel and can be fitted with either manual or automatic flap. In addition, the option with automatic additive system is possible.

To be able to best advice you on the most suitable charging feeder we would want to know about the material composition you want to use and the expected volume.

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Technical specs

Standard dimensions:
Volume: from 2 m³ to 6 m³, 8 m³, 10 m³, 12 m³, 16 m³, 20 m³.
Other Dimensions are available.


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