Fabio Beverina

Area Sales Manager

Fabio Beverina

Fabio has a rich employment history having started working with vibrating machinery as a production manager over 30 years ago. In 1988 he joined the SPACE team and hasn't looked back on joining the foundry industry.

When he joined SPACE his first role was a project manager for the construction of all the SPACE foundry equipment as well as being responsible for the workshops and the internal quality control.

After a number of years in this role, Fabio began working more closely with clients, especially on their green sand equipment installations. Since working on green sand projects Fabio has realised that this is the area of expertise for him as he finds the subject fascinating.

He says that working so closely with clients is a huge advantage as it lets him see the operational challenges they are facing and find valuable solutions for them. This, over many years, has allowed him to develop close relationships as well as an excellent reputation.

The natural progression was therefore to work even more closely with foundry clients as an area sales manager for SPACE in 2015. Fabio has now joined JML Industrie when control was taken of SPACE in 2020.

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