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Return Sand Automatic Management in Shakeout Drums


Return Sand Automatic Management in Shakeout Drums


  • More regular sand moisture at the outlet of the shake out drum.
  • Better treatment of the sand in the return circuit thanks to constant moisture and lower temperature

Values shown on the operator panel

  • Return sand temperature inlet the drum.
  • Sand residual moisture outlet the drum.
  • Return sand temperature outlet the drum
  • Instant sand weight in T/h measured in real time on the conveyor belt at the exit of the drum.
  • The percentage of opening of the proportional valves that manage the introduction of water into the drum
  • Programmed moisture outlet the drum.


For automatic management of the return sand in the shake out drums.

This device measures the temperature at the inlet of the Disacool type shake out drum, on the basis of which the first quantity of water is introduced. At the exit, the moisture and temperature values are measured according to the weight of the sand passing on the conveyor belt, adding the necessary amount of water with feedback determined by the programmed moisture.

Data archive and consumption export on USB key or on PC with Ethernet network and Remote tele-assistance system.


  • Supervision system and management on the PC.
  • Remote operator panel.

Technical specs

PLC Siemens o Allen & Bradley
Operator Panel Touch screen 12” in colours
Main supply Volt – Hz 230 – 50
Electric cabinet dimensions mm 600 x 600 x 2.100