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Automatic sand adjustment of return circuits


Automatic sand adjustment of return circuits


  • Homogeneous moisture of the sand introduced into the mixer.
  • Shorter mixer cycle.
  • Reduction of the power used for the preparation of the moulding sand.
  • Higher hourly production of the mixer (up to 15%).
  • Better homogenising of core sand coming from the shake-out.
  • Possibility to recycle a part of fines in a controlled way, up to 70% of bentonite and coal introduced in the sand before cooling.
  • Reduction in addition consumption (bentonite or premix).
  • Storage and monitoring of the main operating parameters

Core features

  • Measuring system installed to outlet of the cooler
  • Final moisture adjustment result is ± 0.15.
  • Program the operation parameters in real time
  • Real time updates of system values
  • True display of component percentages added


PGF.4 – CP
For automatic sand adjustment of return circuits
The unit can be easily installed on any sand cooling system.

It operates normally on our MU premixer and controls the sand to be cooled, depending on the inlet temperature and moisture and with the instantaneous weight detected. A measuring system installed to outlet of the cooler, provides a feedback effect on the quantity of water introduced, in order to keep the moisture as close as possible to the programmed one. On the moisture adjustment, the final result is ± 0.15.

Thanks to the operator panel, the user can program the operation parameters and can check the changes in the values of the system, in real-time.

Residual moisture of the return sand, return sand temperature, programmed moisture, calculated water flow in l/sec., real water flow introduced in l/sec., instant sand weight in Kg., sand flow capacity in T/h., residual moisture of outlet sand, outlet sand temperature.

Trend of Moisture and Temperature (Input and Output), Sand weight, Water calculated and actually introduced.

In case the management of additives is enabled, it will be possible to display the percentages of the components really introduced (max. 2)

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