Green Sand, Sand preparation

Pre-mixer and cooler


Pre-mixer and cooler


  • reduction in hot sand related defects
  • fewer quality-related defects related to poor sand quality
  • additive consumptions are lowered
  • casting quality improvements

Core features

  • inlet temperatures up to 100° C
  • flow rates between 15 and 180 T/h.



The pre-mixer-cooler JML SPACE MUR is the ideal machine that adds very efficient cooling action to the homogenization of return sands. In fact, besides the homogeneous distribution of water and additives, cooling by forced inlet of air through the sand in mixing produces evaporation of a part of water introduced in the machine.

The constructive characteristics of the MUR are similar to those of the MU. The addition of a blower and ducts to supply air slightly change the overall dimensions. The MUR is particularly suitable to treat return sand having inlet temperatures up to 100° C.


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