Green Sand, Sand preparation

Over Belt Aerator AP

Over Belt Aerator AP


  • The sand is aerated evenly and without lumps, therefore of better quality.
  • Can be installed in line on all types of horizontal conveyor belts.
  • Rotors mounted on alloy steel axles with “Bikon” couplings, which allow easy disassembly.
  • Inductive rotation sensors, advise of any possible drive failure and/or slowdown due to possible overloading, activating an alarm for the best protection of the system.

Core features

  • The height of the rotors to the belt, is adjustable as required by the user.
  • Possibility of mounting one up to three rotors for aeration of the sand.
  • Choice of rotors (chevron, round finger, blade), depending on the type of sand.
  • Robust cast iron bearing supports have double line rollers, overengineered in order to ensure an extremely long working life.
  • All external driving parts are properly protected to avoid any accident hazard.


The AP over-belt aerator unit bases its working on a well-established concept. It offers innovative characteristics which make it up to date and efficient, ensuring the perfect aeration of molding sand, as required by the most recent molding machines.

The AP over-belt aerator, is exceptionally effective in improving green sand quality after preparation by the mixer.

The wear resistant blades and fingers are protected by tungsten carbide hard facing and bolted on the cage rotors, in a way to be easily removed for maintenance when necessary.

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Technical specs

Model Capacity


Power supply



[V – Hz]


L x l x h [mm]

Weight [Kg]
AP.500 40 5,5 400 – 50 1700 x 985 x 1250 510
AP.650 80 11 400 – 50 3000 x 1435 x 1700 1.180
AP.800 150 11 400 – 50 3000 x 1550 x 1700 1.350
AP.1000 200 15 400 – 50 3000 x 1750 x 1700 1.650

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