Green Sand, Sand preparation

Aerator Homogenizer DTC

Aerator Homogenizer DTC


  • Fingers coated with rings made of special material very resistant to the abrasive action of sand.
  • The peripheral wall of the chamber is lined with wear-resistant rubber panels, which also help to eliminate build-up of sand.

Core features

  • Central turbine assembled on a robust shaft which rotates on a combination of bearings, radial and axial, housed in a robust mechanically welded box.
  • External drive parts protected to avoid any risk of accident, and inductive rotation sensor which prevents any stopping and/or slowing down due to overload.


The DTC aerator is the ideal solution for processing moulding green sand.

Whatever is the range of equipment and the technology used in the process of  moulding sand preparation DTC will add just something more to get close to perfection.

The centrifugal force produced by the spinning central rotor projects the sand across the processing chamber and through the three rows of disintegration fingers located in the top of the DTC chamber.

The action thus produced acts non-violently on the sand. This eliminates the lumps sometimes present in the moulding sand, caused by an incorrect dosage of water, additives and an inadequate mixing cycle.

The machine is composed by an upper feeding hopper that conveys the sand into a large diameter turbine, equipped with stakes, allowing the best sand distribution.

The sand, due to the centrifugal force, is projected against a series of vertical stakes, especially arranged to disintegrate possible sand clots.

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Technical specs

Model Capacity


Power supply



[V – Hz]


L x l x h [mm]

Weight [Kg]
DTC.20 20 5,5 400 – 50 1800 x 1450 x 1100 760
DTC.40 40 7,5 400 – 50 2250 x 1825 x 1215 1.150
DTC.60 60 11 400 – 50 2450 x 1950 x 1290 1.350
DTC.80 80 15 400 – 50 2650 x 2150 x 1300 1.650
DTC.120 120 22 400 – 50 2900 x 2375 x 1380 2.150
DTC.160 160 30 400 – 50 3330x 2700 x 1700 2.480

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