VCC parts cooler


JML part coolers are used for connuous and precise cooling of your casngs that can then be transmied to manual or mechanical handling. Gentle cooling avoids casng defects and ensures consistently high casng quality at opmal flow mes. Casng chillers are designed for three-shi operaon. JML casng chillers consist of vibrang conveyors with a connecng rod/crank mechanism and are designed with a vibrang or fixed hood.

The conveyor chute is wear-resistant and replaceable. The trough and hood of the vibrating conveyor form the cooling tunnel that can be arranged linearly or combined with curves. As a two-mass system, the vibrating conveyor secures the transport of casts through the cooling tunnel regardless of their load. A frame supported by compression springs reducing dynamic loads in the foundation completes the system. Frequency inverters control the drive motors. The cooling tunnel is supplied with cooling air by fans. For efficient cooling, a computer-controlled nozzle system systematically sprays water into the cooling air stream.

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