VAO decoiler (exciter on top)


JML Shake-out machines are used for the continuous separation of the casting cluster and sand after automatic moulding plant operation. They are suitable for a wide range of moulds. These Shake-out machines operate at high frequency from 750 to 1500 rpm at an acceleration of 2 to 6g. Depending on the casting program, the unchecks are equipped with grids with divergent bars or trapezoidal holes. Training is usually provided by means of exciters Directed, which may be in the middle, above or below the uncheckered, it is possible to carry out easy maintenance work.

Shake-out machines are designed according to the dimensions of moulds and of the production capacity of the moulding plant. However, in case of very different casting program and/or frequent model changes, variable angle Shake-out machines are used.

Variable angle Shake-out machines are particularly suitable for rooms sensitive Molds. These Shake-out machines work in the range Rotational speed from 1,000 to 1,500 rpm, at an acceleration of 2g.

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