SPR Sieve


The SPR polygonal rotary screen is a well proven solution for sieving shake-out green sand. The design of these machines has been treated to render them suitable not only for new installations, but also for the renovation of existing plants.

“SPR” units are designed particularly for their use in foundry green sand preparation plants.

The multiple model range of screens covers plants with capacity from 20 to 300 T/h.

The design of the equipment is not only suitable for new installations, but can be easily retro-fitted into older plants. It has been our experience, over the years, that screens tend to be installed in the most inaccessible part of the sand plant, making inspection and maintenance difficult. Having this in mind, our unit design is not only for long life, but also to overcome long term problems associated with condensation, and sand sticking to the inside of the screen body.

Designed with a modular design that allows for quick changing of drum elements.

The mesh panels, made of HR steel, are attached to the cage frame and mounted so that they can be replaced very quickly. Aeration and uniform sieving of the sand allows the sand lumps to disintegrate. Evacuation of rejects such as the remains sand lumps core at the end of sieve.

Sizing of the suctions designed to prevent condensation and clogging phenomena.

Technical data

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