Shake out table


With our shake out table, the sand is separated from casting by vertically directed highly accelerated vibration. A wide range of grids are available for this piece of foundry equipment.

To best be able to identify the right shake-out equipment for your foundry we recommend getting in touch with the relevant JML office. We will need to get detailed information about your castings and it is advantageous to see your casting designs. This enables us to find the best equipment for your need and is part of our consultative approach.

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  • German engineering
  • Made in France
  • Load to = 50 T
  • Casting weight maximum = 15 T
  • Temperature of Casting maximum = 850 °C
  • Temperature of sand maximum = 500 °C

Standard dimensions:
Lenght :
 maxi 4000 mm
Width : maxi 4000 mm

Vibration data :

1.000 rpm with 8 mm Amplitude, 1.500 rpm with 3 mm Amplitude.

Electric Power
7,5 kW – 37 kW