GD Magnetic Pulley


The GD magnetic grading drum, ensures the removal of all micro ferrous material in moulding sand, which easily escape the action of classical “over-belt” magnetic separators.

The GD unit is a “must” in any foundry moulding plant where superior casting quality is uppermost. Suitable for heavy duty intensive and continuous service, and equipped with high attraction strong magnet, installed on a robust supporting structure made from nonmagnetic stainless-steel plate. Two-way exit : one for waste to a customer container, the other for the return of clean sand to the normal circuit. The rotation of the drum, which allows you to enlarge and stretch the sand vein, combined with the power of the high-intensity permanent magnet, they clean the sand from ferrous microparticles, such as small balls from shot blasting machines. These small particles are very harmful to model plates, especially in vertical moulding. They also produce various defects on the pieces, which lead to further grinding or even waste.

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