ET bucket elevator


The bucket elevator ET type, has been specially designed for return sands transport in the green sand plant.

The material from a few meters to more than 50.

This type of machine is designed to work with temperatures of the return sand up to 120 °C. In special cases and with the adoption of special materials, the maximum operating temperature may be increased up to 180 ° C.

The elevator is made up of modular elements, built in robust construction, formed from carbon steel plates, reinforced with welded profiles. It is equipped with large bolted doors that allow easy access to internal organs for inspection and maintenance.

The elevator head body is made of carbon steel electro welded; the upper part is composed of a horizontal body in two parts, which allows easy access to the drive drum for maintenance. In the upper part a connecting flange is included, for connection to the dust collection system. The buckets are made of thick stainless steel, with leading edge reinforced with HARDOX type steel.

Orthogonal axis spur gear reduction gear box with oil bath lubrication. It is directly coupled to the drive shaft and is linked to the structure of the drive unit by means of the torque arm.

Technical data

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