E-shooter advantages

In addition to the advantages listed above, there a number of other benefits when you invest in the JML Industrie E-shooter:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% electric
  • Hydraulic oil free 

  • No core box movement during shooting and gassing

  • 30% energy saving

  • Clean and silent 

  • Predictive and straightforward maintenance
  • Industry 4.0 ready

You will have a fully connected and 100% electric Industry 4.0 compatible machine. Operational costs are significantly lower thanks to the energy savings, removal of insurance fees and reduced maintenance staff, when compared to conventional machines.

The design of the machine ensures a completely closed core box without movement during shooting and gassing. Additionally, the machine doesn't require any kind of foundations or pits.

JML e shooter key performance stats

Indradrive energy benefit

The E-shooter uses a Rexroth 4EE electric solution. When compared to a standard hydraulic power unit with vane pump for pressure supply, this machine requires 31% less cooling power whilst reducing noise in operation. 2,397 kWh/a are saved using the 4EE solution. This can amount to 383 €/a of savings (404g/kWh, 0.16 €/kWh) and a carbon dioxide reduction of 1 t/a.

JML e-shooter 3D image of Rexroth 4EE electric solution

Technical specification

The E-Shooter is based on a lower static structure and movable shooting and gassing head. The design of the machine allows a better access for maintenance and cleaning. The absence of the shooting cartridge reduces the time for cleaning.

 JML e shooter specs table

How the E-shooter could help your foundry

Industry 4.0 is already 10 years old and yet many foundries have yet to take steps to become 4.0 compatible. The E-shooter brings economies in terms of energy performance and is a fully connected machine that integrates into a 4.0 infrastructure.

Downtime always has a negative impact on foundries and the E-shooter, thanks to its closed core box, has significantly less wear compared to a traditional shooter and simplifies maintenance. This means you can run more efficient cycles and increase your productivity.

jml eshooter

The full e-shooter press release from the launch at GIFA 2019 is available to download HERE.