Industry 4.0 is the 4th industrial revolution and is achieved when all relevant information is available in real time due to the connection of all instances in the value chain.

Industry 4.0 allows you to:

  • Monitor and control all critical operations remotely
  • Collect and analyse data in continuously
  • Receive feedback on product performance in real-time.
  • Make better, more accurate decisions about production and product developments
  • Improve client satisfaction through improved quality and delivery time frames.

JML Industry 4.0 overview foundries

Despite Industry 4.0 being nearly 10 years old, few foundries have embraced the advantages of new connected technologies, in part due to the challenges with replacing existing equipment. For the majority of foundries the principal challenge is finance, followed by operational challenges such as managing new processes and retraining staff.

Due to open in October 2018, the investment in JML Italy represents another important strategic step.

After a passage in the painting workshop, the shake-out drum is ready to be delivered. Still 800 km to go !!!!

In April 2017, JML has delivery over 7% tons of steel plates more than the last record of month. It was in May 2015.

The company Gattermann is a foundry which realizes castings of high technologies and of irreprochable quality for more than 80 years.