Combination MU Premixer + TVR Cooler


For our philosophy of treating return sand, they are the ideal machines, combined with the PGF control device, which allow the best possible performance and guarantee maximum cooling and homogenization efficiency of the sand.

The homogenization of the water with the sand takes place in the premixer. Thanks to the characteristics of this machine, the water penetrates inside the grain of sand in a deep and uniform way, thus eliminating the phenomenon of “free water” in the circuit. The premixer then directly loads the fluidized bed, which guarantees its cooling by releasing the calories necessary to produce the evaporation of the water which is dosed and mixed previously in the premixer. Evaporation is favoured by the air flow that crosses the homogeneous layer of sand formed by the vibrating movement of the transport channel.

The combination of this treatment prevents the sand from generating blockages inside the fluidized bed, especially in the presence of high temperatures which require large volumes of water, and at the same time allows obtaining well homogenized sand with uniform characteristics, facilitating the spontaneous reactivation of bentonite in storage silos, while reducing consumption.

Technical data

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