Technical planning

Bureau of Studies
Specialized in advanced techniques: structures (roofs, ironwork, sheet metal ...), fluid, electrical, mechanical, electronics, automation, security and more widely in industrial equipment used in the world of steel (forges, foundries ..).
Latest software
JML Industry has the latest software for calculating the resistance of the frames by finite elements. This team is also trained to studies implantation of dedusting filters.
For over 10 years our engineering using SolidWorks 3D software for achieving plans projects, assemblies and details.
Experience in manufacturing and our mastery of the tools of production enable us to prototype and develop our own standard equipment, but also to adapt and optimize our equipment to your needs.



Our workshops are equipped with the latest machines including machining workshop.

Storage of spare parts

We stock a large number of spare parts.

Paint finishing system

Modern and environmentally friendly.

Paint shop