Technical design and planning

Engineering design department
This department uses innovative techniques to handle complex parts of the project design including structural design (framework, ironwork and metalwork). The department also works in holistic design delivery meaning they also consider the fluid distribution, electrical elements, automation and security of the equipment. Our experience of large scale installations and foundry rebuilds means we are able to work on a variety of projects within the steel and foundry industries.
Latest software and technology
Finite element software allows JML Industrie to calculate the resistance of frames precisely. The technical team are also trained to analyse the installation and performance of industrial dedusting filters.
For over 10 years our team have used SolidWorks to develop project plans, detailed drawings and technical specifications.
With nearly 40 years experiences in manufacturing, our knowledge and skill in producing equipment allows us to manage the process end to end. We work with you to develop the prototypes and build the right equipment for your foundry. A detailed needs assessment combined with our knowledge ensures that the right equipment is built to help your foundry stay ahead.



Our workshops are equipped with the best machines. We also have a full machine shop on site.

Spare parts

We stock a wide range of replacement parts so we can repair your equipment quickly. Our stock includes directed exciters or exciter cells. Our spare part warehouse allows us to offer on-site repairs for numerous brands. We believe it is important to make your investment last as long as possible.

Paint finish

Our modern and environmentally friendly system gives your industrial equipment the perfect finish, every time.